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All of the team at FleetCare Solutions share our core principles of professionalism, efficiency and ethics, meaning your experience with FleetCare will be both enjoyable and Refreshingly Different when compared with other repairers.

The team spirit within the organisation is outstanding with a simple no nonsense, no ivory towers management policy, which means everybody feels highly valued and knows their role in the delivery of our unique service.

Our stated objective is to give the customer a Refreshingly Different experience in resolving what is very often an annoying and unwanted situation. We feel we not only achieve this objective, but also make every interaction with FleetCare, be it a with driver, member of the incident team or anyone else, something that makes the day a little better.

Joe Godfrey | Managing Director

Lee Myles | Claims Manager

Jane Jordan |Quality Manager

Neil Longhorn |Director of Sales and Marketing

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