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FleetCare Benefits

Key 2 Key

FleetCare Solutions are able to drastically reduce the key to key times (period of time from vehicle being under the duty of care of the repairer until its return to policy holder)

As we are in constant contact with the policy holder and are owned by the garages we are able to fast-track the repair process; once we haveā€¦

  • Established that there are no indemnity issues on the vehicle
  • Completed our estimate on Audatex and networked it to the insurer
  • Established wishes of the policy holder

We just get on with the repair, eliminating the delay of authorisation, which at times of high demand can add three weeks to the process.

As we are directly part of the repairer we are also able to triage most third party captures to minimise the amount of time they will spending driving around in a hire vehicle at the expense of your insurer.

Our average repair time for third party capture is 4.2 days

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