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Working with the Men in Grey Suits

FleetCare processes thousands of claims a year and works with all the major UK insurance Companies.

Once a claim has been reported to us, we will notify the appropriate parties, including broker, holding and third-party insurer. We will then manage the process on your behalf saving you the time and ‘hassle’ of chasing insurers or repairers for updates.

Whilst our services and the benefits are known to many brokers, we are more than happy to explain to your broker the refreshingly different aspect of the FleetCare experience.

Once brokers understand that we are not like any other accident management company and that should they use our services their policy holders will get an enhanced FNOL process. Most are then more than happy for their clients to use our services.

In fact, many brokers then start to offer FleetCare to other policy holders as a way of differentiating their offering for motor policy, in a somewhat ‘stagnant’ marketplace.

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