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Differentiate Yourselves

FleetCare is provided by innovative brokers to policy holders as a better solution than the approved bodyshop network. It is offered either as their default service for all claims or a service used by specific specific fleets.

Our key brokers offer FleetCare to the majority of their fleets and see the service as a differentiator, when competing for new business. There is also an element of combined marketing strategy to increase new business, as detailed below.

We provide T1 brokers with a range of branded marketing collateral to assist in developing prospects to policy holders. The service is also seen to be delivered in the broker name, with branded vehicle cards and a dedicated incident number.

These brokers also benefit from our investment in technology, with access to our smart phone app and use of our MS Dynamics Claim’s Portal, enabling them to view the progress and history of all claims. At renewal the portal also gives brokers the ability to quantify the benefits of free replacement vehicles in ‘pounds, shillings and pence’. This service includes full licensing costs and 24-Hour support of these IT solutions. Some brokers have chosen to wrap the smart phone app, in their own brand, there is however a one-off cost for doing this, dependent upon the work required.

We provide key brokers with additional detailed management information and have a regular quarterly meeting to discuss historic claims and review any potential new potential fleets we can target together.

If you want to discuss how your Company can work with FleetCare solutions, contact the Director of Sales and Marketing Neil Longhorn on neil@earc.co.uk 


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